Thumbprint Cookies

Thanks to my co-blogger Ellen, I have become one of those people who bakes, then overbakes, then overeats. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Ever since we made her mom’s banana bread and I found out I’m not the baking jinx I thought I was (an insecurity caused by some seventh grade taunting and some failed eighth grade corn muffins), I’ve been experimenting. First, I made some oatmeal raisin cookies, then some peanut butter ones. As good as those might have been, this post isn’t about them. This post is about the buttery, soft, nutty and sweet deliciousness that is the thumbprint cookie.

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Curried Chickpeas

The other day, I got very hungry and wanted to scrounge something up that wasn’t disgusting (like the time I got “creative” with tuna salad and ended up with a sour stomach) or boring and bland (plain ramen).  In situations like this, I always seem to either wolf down whatever’s within arm’s reach or suck it up and wait until something worthwhile is done cooking. But thanks to Foodgawker, one of my favorite websites, my belly was full of delicious curried chickpeas within minutes.

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Yes, that’s right, we’re back & we brought muffins!

O hey dere

But first, look at this crazy bell pepper:

More from the Charleston Farmer’s Market after the jump…

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Grub in Gotham

Hey nerds. Wellen apologizes for the ridiculously long sabbatical we’ve taken from blogging. Lots has happened since our last post – in no particular order:

  • Blinka joined the higher learnin’ club in Bryan, currently curing your headaches and fevers in Orangeburg via chemical plant magic
  • T-Rex the mini dox pup turned 1
  • Reg and Trev got hitched, Wellen in attendance. See their blog here.
  • Numerous terrible large-scale natural disasters
  •  Public enemy #1 is toast
  • aaaand more recently, I moved to The Big Apple!

Flour Flour Everywhere

Tonight, I made a mess. Every surface in and around my kitchen was covered in flour as I scrambled around, eyes wide and hair flying everywhere, taking swigs of mineral water and trying not to cut a finger off or burn the place down. Had someone walked in and not known what was happening, this person would have most likely assumed that they were witnessing the aftermath of a cocaine binge clashing with an urgent case of the munchies. No, drugs were not the culprit here. A combo birthday present and foodgawker problem resulted in my trying to pull off two very different recipes I’d never tried before in one go.

First up, Chinese spring onion pancakes. Like many of my favorite Chinese foods,  I’ve been chomping these things down since before I could feed myself but had no idea how to make them. Having just turned the big two earlier this week, I got a Chinese cookbook as a gift from and wanted to start cooking from it straight away. Since I’m basically a drooling Netflix zombie on weeknights, tonight was the first time I was both free and alert enough to start educating myself about the food of my people. I’d dabbled in the basics of Chinese cooking before, but seeing as how the more I aged the more shameful my lack of culinary skillz became, it was time to get serious. But first, some foodgawking had to be done, leading to recipe number two.

Almond biscotti, from My Kitchen Snippets by way of Foodgawker. I’m fairly comfortable on the stove or roasting things in the oven, but baking is pretty foreign to me and therefore a little intimidating. I’ve slowly been inching into using my oven more (like when I went granola bar crazy last April) but am just not terribly interested in baking. Still, I was bored and wanted a challenge and figured that biscotti was like an over-baked cookie anyway, so I didn’t have too much to worry about. And I was right. They turned out nicely and, despite a major chocolate tempering fail when I tried to get fancy and add some chocolate drizzle, it was pretty painless. They probably taste a lot better than the pancakes, which were deceptively complex and not as satisfying as I’d hoped. But that could have just been the effect of cooking  – the process of cooking, the waiting, the bending over the stove/counter/sink, and the aromas may lead to tasting things along the way but kills any desire to eat the finished product. At any rate, it was fun and productive and led to this blog entry. I think I’ll go wash the clumps of dough and onion out of my hair now.

Birthday Cake

I always maintain that one of the best things about my birthday is making my cake. This seems to take some people aback; “Why would you do all that work?”, “Why not let someone else make it?”, etc. Well, it’s fun! And if anyone else made it, it wouldn’t be exactly what I want…not that things that I make always turn out the way I want them to. Oh, if only. I’d make crazy crap like this (that circle is made of sugar you guys!) if I had that kind of power.

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I am officially not a baking failure and here is proof:

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